HP Mastering is located in Hamburg-Ottensen and run by Hans-Philipp Graf. His interest in sound and recordings took him through music production and mixing to mastering. Immediately after completing sound engineering courses and a degree, Hans-Philipp set up on his own and now has over 20 years of experience in the field of audio engineering.

HP Mastering features high-end equipment, excellent acoustics and perfect feel for sound and artists. These have all contributed to many successful releases. These include chart topping ‘Number Ones’, gold and platinum records and winners of music awards, such as the Echo and Comet.

HP Mastering’s customers come from over 20 countries and from a variety of genres, from HipHop, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter, House, Dance to Pop and Rock.
References include Jan Delay, Thomas D, Moses Pelham, Sido, Kollegah, Beginner, Kool Savas, Samy Deluxe, Xavier Naidoo, Die Orsons, Kool Keith, Laith Al-Deen, Cassendra Steen, MoTrip, Haftbefehl, Chefket, Metrickz, Denyo, Chima, AnnenMayKantereit, Glasperlenspiel, Adel Tawil, Glashaus, Nico Suave, Cro, Teesy, Anna Depenbusch, Cäthe, Balbina, Alin Coen Band, BOY, Motörhead, Annett Louisan, Herbert Gröenemeyer, Heinz-Rudolf Kunze, Nick Carter, Rebecca Ferguson, Ina Müller, Die Prinzen, Heino, Matthias Reim, DJ Ötzi, Andrea Berg, Vicky Leandros, Howard Carpendale, Gregorian, Adoro, Nina Hagen, Haudegen, Revolverheld, Jupiter Jones, Tim Bendzko, Gleis 8, Nils Wülker, Jazul, Fischer Spangenberg Quartett, Joja Wendt, Robosonic, Sono, Etnik, Solomun, Stimming, Hosh, David August, Karmon, NTFO, Adana Twins, Einmusika, Jeudi, Monte, Milk&Sugar, Adriatique, Off Recordings and many more.

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