HP Mastering Hamburg

Professional mastering since 2005

Founded by longtime musician and engineer Hans-Philipp “HP” Graf operated by HP & freelancer Tom Woznik. Mastered numerous international gold and platinum award winning records alongside a wide range of critically acclaimed independent releases.

We offer

  • A proven and reliable service with straightforward communication
  • Empathy with your goals combined with our experienced ears
  • Passion and love for detail while retaining an efficient and result-orientated process

We believe that

  • musicality/vibe/excitement is more important than translation
  • listening and feeling music outranks measuring
  • there is always yin and yang


Founder, Engineer

HP's musical career began in his youth, as a guitarist in funk, fusion and jazz bands. He arrived at hip hop via funk and started rapping in the early 90s, later going on to produce his own beats. Over the years, as a result of his ever-growing passion for outstanding sound, HP’s focus was drawn more and more to mixing. A sound engineering course was followed by a university degree and the discovery of his enthusiasm for mastering.
HP works in the genres of hiphop, electronic, acoustic, pop, rock and everything in between.



Tom joined the studio in 2017, bringing his perfectly complementary skills to the mix. At the beginning of the 90s, he played guitar in hardcore bands beforededicating himself to the production of electronic music in the middle of that decade. Since 2005, Tom has concentrated on mastering, working as an independent engineer until finding his way to HP Mastering.
Tom works in the genres of rock, metal, hardcore, EDM, dance and pop.
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